Bike Camping!

Lets do some Fall Camping…on bikes!

Meet at Cranknstein on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. You can choose to carry your camping gear on your bike/bike trailer, or we will have a vehicle traveling to the campsite that can carry gear for you. We want to accommodate those who don’t have bike touring setups.

Be prepared to ride 23 miles each day. There will be a couple hills, not recommended on a cruiser bike, but definitely do-able on a single speed or fixed gear. We will have plenty of time getting up the canyon, and travel at a casual pace.

Things to know:

  •  Saturday we are looking at a high of 78 degrees!  Not too shabby for a bike trip up the canyon.  That being said, make sure to be prepared for a low of 45 that night and bring warm layers.
  • We’ll be supplying dinner and breakfast.  Dinner will be pasta with veggies and sausage (sausage optional for you vegetarians out there).  Breakfast will be pancakes!
  • Bring your own Beverages/Snacks/Cutlery
  • If anyone feels like bringing s’more supplies you will be rewarded with hugs and high fives!
  • Same goes for frizbees/wiffleball/other games to play while there is still sunlight.
  • Nora will be leading the group up the canyon at 1:30pm departing from Crankenstien.  We’ve heard chatter about people wanting to leave later in the afternoon.  Shoot an e-mail to (or message us on facebook) by Thursday if you would like to leave around 4pm and we can organize something.
  • Bring plenty of water, snacks and appropriate layers for the ride up.  It might get kind of chilly once we are in the canyon, especially if you ride up later.  Also keep in mind that you will be riding for probably 2 hours, so save some layers for once we get there.
  • If you don’t feel like hauling all your gear up on your bike you are welcome to throw it in Jordana’s truck by Friday night.  She’s going to drop off supplies Saturday morning before she goes in to work.
  • Significant Others/Roommates/Friends/Family are welcome to come as well!  Give us a heads up if you are bringing guests, just so we know there will be enough food.
This is going to be a really fun weekend and should not be missed!  Shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions.
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Coloradoan Article

The Coloradoan posted a great article about the Belle Starrs.  Check it out!

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to clarify….

You may have seen some misinformation floating around the inter-webs about our latest run in with the Dandy Lions.  Although they try to seem tough, they’re really just a bunch of fussy felines (and we love them for it).

Just to set the record straight:

1) We brought the Mikes Harder Black Cherry Lemonade.  It’s common knowledge that the Dandies can’t get enough of that stuff.

2) There was no knife fight.  No knives either.  Well, there was a balloon sword… which was pretty cool.

3) And if there was a knife fight, the Belles would have TOTALLY won.

Aside from the small exaggerations from our rival gang, it was a rather enjoyable evening.  We understand that sometimes gangs need to leave their beef on the butcher block and meet on common ground to “settle some issues” (i.e. have fun and drink whiskey).  I think we established a few things by the end of the night too.

1) Balloon artistry takes practice.

2) Calling a beverage “Harder” does not mean it is in any way better.

3) Everyone has more fun when the Belle Starrs come along.

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Our 2012 Safety is Sexy pin-up calendar is now available for purchase!  Find it at Brave New Wheel, Crankenstein, The Forge or purchase it through our website.

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2nd Annual Fall Canyon Round Up!

Holy Handlebars!  It’s only been a year???  We couldn’t believe it either as we prepared for our 1st 2nd Annual.

That’s right, the 2nd Annual Fall Canyon Round Up!

One year ago we were a mere six ladies who ventured into the Poudre Canyon looking for fun, adventure and female comradery.  This year, a whopping nineteen women were along for the ride!

The weather could not have been better, just as it was last year.  If it was one week later, we would have been cold and soggy.  The bike-gods must be smiling on our humble gang…

Remember, when embarking on a ride, make sure to be prepared.

We rode the same route as last year.  Starting on the Poudre Trail.  Then through the rolling hills of Bellvue.

Then a quick pit-stop…

Wow!  That’s an impressive line-up!

And then we were off!

That’s our kind of corral too!

It was then time to cool off, chill out and have some snacks!

And we still got to enjoy the ride back to town!

Thank you to each and every lady that came out for our anniversary ride!  Without you gals, we wouldn’t exist.  Keep the rubber to the road and your face to the sun!

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Heels & Wheels

Some might say, you aren’t a real woman unless you can bike in heels.  Well this evening we went out to prove that!

The first annual Heels & Wheels Ride began at El Monte Grill, a very classy joint south of Prospect.  Fueled up on chips, salsa and a little salt around the rim, we rode north.  Sometimes it’s safer to just take up the whole lane, especially when you have such a big group of good-looking ladies!

Our final destination would be New Belgium Brewery, where we would be watching the movie Swingers in their parking lot for one of the summer Bike-in Movies!

Thanks to all you beautiful babies that came out in style!

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Sweat & Swim

It’s summer and It’s hot.  With days like these the motivation to spend a few hours riding on pavement is hard to come by.  Unless we rewarded ourselves by jumping in the Horsetooth Reservoir.  The ride was a hot one, but it was worth it!

We started the ride off for some delicious ice cream… a great treat for a hot day!  Then we were off to ride the dams and do some swimming.

What a great way to beat the heat!

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Morning Bike Rides

Summer is definitely in full effect here in Colorado.  The rise in temperatures is great for days spent rafting the Poudre or swimming in Horsetooth Reservoir, but not so great for riding bikes on hot asphalt.

But you can beat the heat by riding with the Belle Starrs in the morning!

We’ve have morning bike rides to get you ready for your day!  Every Tuesday and Friday mornings we’re going to head west on the Poudre Trail, bike over Bingham Hill and then head back to town.  Those interested can stop for breakfast or coffee at the Bellvue Bean before heading back to town.  You can either meet on the Poudre Trail at Lee Martinez Park at 7:30am or where the trail intersects Taft Hill at 7:40am.

The loop takes under an hour (unless you stop at the Bellvue Bean) and it just feels great to start your day with a nice ride!

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Spring Fling Re-cap

Holy handlebars that was a good time!  Although the weather was borderline chilly, we still had great attendance and a good time was had by all.

The Bluffing Gents got the party started.

Afterwards The MurderARRRs took over the stage.

And Blue Grama Bluegrass finished out the night.

We even had some Dandy Lions show up.

Even though they tried (unsuccessfully) to steal our sign, it seems like they still had a pretty good time.

Thank you so much to our sponsors and those who helped put on this fantastic event:

FC Bikes for letting us borrow some bike racks.

Brave New Wheel for the use of your vehicle.

The Bellvue Bean for whipping up scrumptious sandwiches.

And New Belgium Brewing Company for delicious refreshments!

And especially thanks to all that came out to help us celebrate Spring and the warm weather we assume will come with it!

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That’s right!  It’s the SPRING FLING!  Come on out to the Bellvue Grange for a celebration of bikes, music, warm weather and good friends.  You can take the Poudre River Trail the whole way there.  The Grange is one mile west of Vern’s Place.  Come anytime throughout the day!

Good times will be had.

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