to clarify….

You may have seen some misinformation floating around the inter-webs about our latest run in with the Dandy Lions.  Although they try to seem tough, they’re really just a bunch of fussy felines (and we love them for it).

Just to set the record straight:

1) We brought the Mikes Harder Black Cherry Lemonade.  It’s common knowledge that the Dandies can’t get enough of that stuff.

2) There was no knife fight.  No knives either.  Well, there was a balloon sword… which was pretty cool.

3) And if there was a knife fight, the Belles would have TOTALLY won.

Aside from the small exaggerations from our rival gang, it was a rather enjoyable evening.  We understand that sometimes gangs need to leave their beef on the butcher block and meet on common ground to “settle some issues” (i.e. have fun and drink whiskey).  I think we established a few things by the end of the night too.

1) Balloon artistry takes practice.

2) Calling a beverage “Harder” does not mean it is in any way better.

3) Everyone has more fun when the Belle Starrs come along.

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  1. this is nothing but propaganda!
    long live the Dandy Lions

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