Bike Camping!

Lets do some Fall Camping…on bikes!

Meet at Cranknstein on Saturday afternoon at 1pm. You can choose to carry your camping gear on your bike/bike trailer, or we will have a vehicle traveling to the campsite that can carry gear for you. We want to accommodate those who don’t have bike touring setups.

Be prepared to ride 23 miles each day. There will be a couple hills, not recommended on a cruiser bike, but definitely do-able on a single speed or fixed gear. We will have plenty of time getting up the canyon, and travel at a casual pace.

Things to know:

  •  Saturday we are looking at a high of 78 degrees!  Not too shabby for a bike trip up the canyon.  That being said, make sure to be prepared for a low of 45 that night and bring warm layers.
  • We’ll be supplying dinner and breakfast.  Dinner will be pasta with veggies and sausage (sausage optional for you vegetarians out there).  Breakfast will be pancakes!
  • Bring your own Beverages/Snacks/Cutlery
  • If anyone feels like bringing s’more supplies you will be rewarded with hugs and high fives!
  • Same goes for frizbees/wiffleball/other games to play while there is still sunlight.
  • Nora will be leading the group up the canyon at 1:30pm departing from Crankenstien.  We’ve heard chatter about people wanting to leave later in the afternoon.  Shoot an e-mail to (or message us on facebook) by Thursday if you would like to leave around 4pm and we can organize something.
  • Bring plenty of water, snacks and appropriate layers for the ride up.  It might get kind of chilly once we are in the canyon, especially if you ride up later.  Also keep in mind that you will be riding for probably 2 hours, so save some layers for once we get there.
  • If you don’t feel like hauling all your gear up on your bike you are welcome to throw it in Jordana’s truck by Friday night.  She’s going to drop off supplies Saturday morning before she goes in to work.
  • Significant Others/Roommates/Friends/Family are welcome to come as well!  Give us a heads up if you are bringing guests, just so we know there will be enough food.
This is going to be a really fun weekend and should not be missed!  Shoot us an e-mail if you have any questions.
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